There have been a lot of videos posted in the comment wall and other places. It will be easier to find them if they are posted in a video collection.

From time to time, we can change the Gay Atheists "front page" video as well, to keep it interesting.

I've embedded a few from the comment wall to get started.

New Anti-Smoking Ads Warn Teens 'It's Gay To Smoke'

Conservatives Warn Quick Sex Change Only Barrier Between Gays, Marr...

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I can't believe that Catholic Church didn't protest this one like crazy.
Why would catholics get up in arms and protest? This was obviously Anglican. They allowed men to marry and a woman to be the vicar. The church also looked to be a traditional Anglican style. I didn't see any crucifixes hanging anywhere. No doubt you were thrown by the cassock and the collar. I was also thrown by that, at first.
Homosexuality in the animal kingdom: See? It occurs in NATURE, therefore it is not unnatural!

(I thought this video was so cute.)

ZJ says it better than I ever could. It doesn't matter whether or not sexuality is natural or unnatural.
Having a run on commercials.
Initially, I thought this was a cute ad. Then again, it's the joke that the tough guy is the "mum" and that he's in a same sex relationship asking for a kiss. In all of these, being gay is the punchline. It would be a lot better if being gay was overt at the beginning, and wasn't the joke.
Most of the commercials seem a lot like the usual guys joking around about homosexuality as a way of dealing with a subject they're uncomfortable about. (Having 2 adolescent brothers I saw so many guys do this, and I don't think any of them were actually homophobic.) It's also a way for the commercial to be memorable, I guess. The "mum" one is kind of ridiculous b/c it is equating gay with being a woman. While I've always said it's not insulting to compare someone to the opposite sex unless you have an inferior view of the opposite sex, the "gay means you're a woman" is a stereotype.

Have you seen the Progressive insurance ad with the gay couple? It was very subtle, took me awhile to realize it was a gay couple. They were treated like anyone else and they weren't the punchline at all. I think in the '90s Ikea had commercials like that and they were an uproar. Showing gay couples like it's no big deal instead of "oh my god they're gay hahaha" shows the changes in acceptance.
I looked for it but didn't find it. I also looked for other topics to be more inclusive, including Lesbian - I found a couple, but it was basically the same punch-line again. I found one that came up with bisexual as a theme, but I wasn't sure... It's a condom commercial. At least it's not a joke. Lovely presentation, and respectful, I think.

Wanda Sykes, "That's so gay!" - not!

"I'm just sayin'" I love Wanda's work. I'm glad she seems more at ease now in her appearances.
Half-way, confused.

Half-way +10 seconds, no longer confused.

I have to remember the lyrics to this song.
I wasn't sure where to put this one, but he reaches the community before too long.
Myq Kaplan - Religious Extremity
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