For anyone who thinks she's stupid, or airhead, or clueless, I counter with, she is reasonably intelligent.  Even if she went to a christian law school, she did go to law school.  According to this article, she passed the Minnesota Bar exam.  .

What Bachmann is, and should not be let off the hook due to "stupidity", is a vile hate monger.  Her recent pronouncement that gays want to legalize pederasty fits right up there with murderous antigay Scott Lively.

I've seen speculation that Ms. Bachmann is considering another presidential run.  For that matter, her buddy-in-hate-mongering Rick Stantorum too.  Holy Jesus, what did we do to deserve this.

The one thing that I hope this time around is that people don't use ad hominems about her being stupid or crazy.  She's a bombastic, manipulative, scape-goating hate monger, plain and simple.


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We have a congress full of people with advanced degrees who exhibit some of the most ignorant, unintelligent, irrational and impractical views imaginable.  It's difficult for me to understand how seemingly "reasonably intelligent" people, as you say, can be so willfully ignorant and out of touch with reality.  Equally shocking is that these people get elected to office, even when their crazy views are well known upfront.  

I get thoroughly annoyed when these extremist people run for President.  They complain bitterly that gay marriage "cheapens" their heterosexual marriage.  To me, their presence in political races insults my intelligence and further cheapens our political process.         

Ted Cruz got his degrees at Harvard and now claims they were hotbeds of liberalism. No good deed shall go unpunished. What a four flusher!

I absolutely agree! 

If she's so damned smart, why would she say something which is about half-a-harelip away from slander?  I submit that she may be intelligent, but like so many others of her kind, she lacks any kind of empathy for anyone outside of her focus group.  She panders to the bigots who put her in office, and the above should be ample evidence of such.

Bachmann has indicated she might run for president again.  If she does, I would hope that any such statements she makes while on the campaign trail get IMMEDIATE attention and rebuttal, preferably in her presence.  She needs to understand that her actions have consequences.

Even though it's fun to laugh at gems like Bill Maher's crack that Michelle is the candidate for those who find Sarah Palin too cerebral, it's a good point that these people shouldn't be underestimated. They're batshit crazy, but not necessarily stupid. Michelle appeared on the Jay Leno show once, and to his great credit Jay asked her point blank, Why do you care who people love? She totally dissembled, hemmed and hawed a bit and said "Oh, I thought it was pray the gray away," and completely weaseled out of a response.

And the voters of her district continued voting for her. Shameful people.

And that's the truly scary aspect of all this - that her representation reflects a population of putatively similar people and attitudes.  I genuinely wonder how much (if at all) such people get out of their local area and get exposed to a more eclectic culture ... or whether they avoid such opportunities BECAUSE it is different from what they're used to.

I have a great illustration of exactly what you're saying, Loren. I used to work with educational software. A colleague was once making a presentation about a new product in Alaska, and he mentioned something about the attention that was paid to diversity in the product design. A proud homeschooling parent chimed in with "We didn't move up here for diversity." [Ironic in that the Anchorage School District has something like 100 different languages represented. But then hate isn't particularly reality based.]

I wholly agree with this. It reflects badly on a segment of the population that they would keep sending this half-witted bitch back to D.C. Ditto Texas, with Louie Gohmert and others. Ditto Kentucky with Bitch McComical.

People need to line up during Q & A to challenge her on public statements. Let timidity go;  Be fearless in the face of ignorance. 

It's a problem we have with our TV pundits, too. The hosts on the political talk shows allow pols to dodge and feint. The guest does not directly answer but switches the topic to something similar. Follow up questions appear to be a no no on these shows (Fox and MSNBC, CNN to an extent). Some of the moderators at the debates are not so easy on the pols they question. Ravitz for example was merciless on GOP candidates in this regard.

Santorum is, if it's possible, even more vile than Bachmann. I remember being horrified last time around when he said that Kennedy's statement that his religion would play no role in his politics made Santorum "want to vomit." And then we have con artist Rick Perry who chooses San Francisco to make his announcement that being gay is like being an alcoholic. This is the cream of the crop of the Republican party? Someone in the absence of god help us all.



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