For anyone who thinks she's stupid, or airhead, or clueless, I counter with, she is reasonably intelligent.  Even if she went to a christian law school, she did go to law school.  According to this article, she passed the Minnesota Bar exam.  .

What Bachmann is, and should not be let off the hook due to "stupidity", is a vile hate monger.  Her recent pronouncement that gays want to legalize pederasty fits right up there with murderous antigay Scott Lively.

I've seen speculation that Ms. Bachmann is considering another presidential run.  For that matter, her buddy-in-hate-mongering Rick Stantorum too.  Holy Jesus, what did we do to deserve this.

The one thing that I hope this time around is that people don't use ad hominems about her being stupid or crazy.  She's a bombastic, manipulative, scape-goating hate monger, plain and simple.


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I am friends with him on Facebook.

Bertold, Seth Andrews from The Thinking Atheist interviewed Nathan Phelps after his father Fred died.  It's a very interesting and insightful interview from March 20, 2014.

Here's a link to it:

Thanks Carl - I listened to the whole interview. Very interesting. I really respect Nate for not only having the wherewithal to bail out from his hellish upbringing, but also to come back and root for the side of sanity.



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