For those of you who asked for an update- we did it! With last minute donations we managed to get our booth at our local LGBT pride festival. The 3rd annual Triad Pride only drew about 1000 people all day (they have a serious lack of advertising) but we managed to get some grateful nontheists come and talk to us as well as several new members and some really great discussions. I wrote a short blog about it which also points to our group blog at which has some video and photos for anyone who wants to check it out. So there's your update! We made it! Thanks for all the comments that I got when asking for advice on this issue- the overwhelming support was really useful when talking to my other members about whether or not we would do this.

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I'm glad you got to do the booth and that you got some new members and that it was a success. Maybe this can become an annual event?
we hope so :-) This year it was pretty last minute and we ended up on the opposite end of all the churches that were there- next year we're going to try to get a booth right in with them
There was also an atheist booth at Motor City Pride in Detroit this past Sunday too. You might want to talk to Chuck, he's here on A/N at, who runs the gay atheist meetup in Detroit, the link for that group is Chuck and another guy from that group merged forces with some atheists from another atheist group also based in Detroit, the Detroit Grassroots Atheism Project ( I don't know if they have any photos or videos.
The photos from Detroit's Gay Pride are now posted on the website of the Gay Atheist group in Detroit (

One of the other links that I posted above for Grassroots Atheism, I should have posted the much better link to their home page instead, here it is:
Im glad you did this. THanks for telling us.
Congrats. That is great. I hope there is a booth at Grand Rapids (MI) this Saturday.



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