LGBT People Are More Likely To End Up In Prison

LGBT People Are More Likely To End Up In Prison

Sexual minorities—those who self-identify as lesbian, gay, or bisexual or reported a same-sex sexual experience before incarceration—were disproportionately behind bars: 9.3% of men in prison, 6.2% of men in jail, 42.1% of women in prison, and 35.7% of women in jail.

According to the data, the number of bisexual/lesbian women behind bars is eight times greater than in the general population, where only the 3.4% identify as such.

The data went so far as to distinguish between sexual identity and behavior: “Not everyone who has had a same-sex experience identifies as gay,” Meyer wrote, “and we were able to look at several measures.”

According to the Department of Justice, 12% of LGBT inmates say they’ve been sexually victimized by another inmate, compared to 1.2% of heterosexual prisoners. And 5% claim they’ve been violated by staff. compared to 2.1% of straights.

Sexual minorities were also more likely to experience solitary confinement and other sanctions, and to report current psychological distress.

Gay and bisexual women were sentenced to longer periods of time than straight women, while Gay/bisexual men were more likely to be serving sentences longer than 10 years.

It’s not just adults: A 2015 survey of young people in seven juvenile detention facilities found 20% identified as LGBT or gender non-conforming, compared to the 5-7% in the general population.

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Unfortunately there is a pay wall for the original article. Im interested in seeing, for what crimes, and other details. 

Another report on how LGBT youth are incarcerated more often, with longer sentences, and treated horribly in prison.

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