There's all of the politics, creepy christian antigay stuff, equaity by fits and starts, lousy economy, and whatever.  


What about our lives?


I hope you will share.  Getting started with a little of mine here...


*Fall is in the Pacific Northwest, with rain and chills.  Nothing like the snowstorms in the East, just drizzle fog rain and chill.  I've relented and turned on the heat.

*My new kitchen is still not done, 4 months on.  The contracter hooked up the fridge wrong, water seeped under the floor, and it warped.  Now the floor is torn out and drying.  He's making good on it, but it is a fly in the ointment.

*New stove, amazing it does make a difference in baking.  Pies, cakes, casseroles.  Comfort food for the gay guy.

*Changed workplace - different office.  It's so good - people are nice, they like me, I like them (I feel like Barney the purple dinosaur).   The prior workplace had me so down.  I've quite feeling like eating potato chips day in and day out.

*I've planted some winter vegetables in the kitchen garden, just in time.  Also a few bulbs.

*Husband and I are in a settled, old-married-couple mode.  No drama, just getting along.  It's not bad.  We don't get out much.

*I went to a conference in Cleveland.  Awakened to black water pouring into my hotel room from above.  Turned out there was a fire in the floor above, and the sprinklers put it out.  All was very calm, strangely relaxed.  Could have been a lot worse.  No  one was hurt.


That's me.  Just a middle aged gay guy living life.  What about you?

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Hiya Sentiet,

I like this.

We've just got a new puppy; Perry.  He's Strongbow's brother; from the same breeder.  He's settling in well though don't let the picture fool you they are like brothers in every way.


Plus he smells.


Kitchen wise, we did ours ourselves; took about 4 weeks in all; we've just got rid of the Steptoe's yard out the back which is very nice.  What is it about us that we can't bear mess..?  Anyway it now looks like an ikea catalogue, which is how all rooms in a chez gay should.


We are very much the old couple too - I had a text from my sister-in-law asking for an answer to her NYE party invite.  We can't really leave the dogs that long, but I need her to do a video for me so I'll string it out for as long as I can before I finally decide.


Workwise I took redundancy from the MoD and am very much a lady of leisure at the moment.  I told everyone I would write and animate for a year, but Arkham City and then Skyrim will take me well into the new year.  My New Year's resolution will probably be something around that.  Plus I need to alphabetise things and put all the dvds onto itunes so we can free up some room.  Also, I like the sauce and I never have to be up in the mornings.  If only we were still in the days of the bon viveur... but now they're just called alcoholics and given state funded help, it's not as romantic any more.  Also I'm not enough of a writer to excuse being drunk during the day.  


So I also do a podcast; it's ranty and I do it with a former work colleague.  I need to get back into that.  We're thinking of doing a video version of it with colour and titles and things which is exciting.. if you're missing a 33 year old lecturing a 24 year old in your life it's almost worth a listen; though it's very gay and atheist so if you don't love it, it's because you're a homophobic christian, not because we're just awful.


Anyway, I'm looking forward to others' responses... 

Your dogs are so beautiful I could cry (Damn Im gay).  Thank you for adding your words Darren.  I should have imported you to do my Kitchen, might have been faster - but I love the change in my house (It's on my profile page if anyone is curious).  My partner just made a bowtie pasta cassarole that will give me several lunches this week, and I made an apricot pie.  Would love to be your neighbor - we could hang out on the deck and drink (what are those called....  not samosas.  Oh, mimosas!)

Aww cuteness!


When I look at this picture all I can think of is the Monty Python song!!  Awesome costume!
I was thinking ax murderer.  Like "The Shining".

I am very moody today.  I have a ton of tedious boring work to get done, and the only result is someone will complain that I did not do more, or soon enough.  It's chilly and raining.  I can't use my kitchen because the floor repair was done yesterday and the polyurethane finish isn't cured yet.  The house is full of fumes.  My partner's snoring kept me awake last night.  Darren hasn't posted anything today.  Richard hasn't posted in weeks.  He must be in love.  Maybe Andy will post something today.  Who else..... ?


OK I feel better now.

Thank you.  And where is Dr. Kellie - new girlfriend?  I miss her!



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