For some reason, Exxon continues to deny benefit equality to its LGBT employees.  From the NYTimes article, "Exxon Mobil ranks last in the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality index of the Fortune 1000 corporations, with a score of negative 25 out of a possible 100. The company received the first and thus far only negative score for “engaging in activities that undermine L.G.B.T. equality,”

I refuse to buy Exxon gasoline.  I'm sure they notice the decrease in sales, at least 0.00000000001% of their bottom line.  Take that Exxon!

Shell has been supportive.

BP too.  Other than fouling the gulf of Mexico, they can be pretty nice.

Last year in HuffPost there was a list of LGBT friendly oil company options.  Chevron came out as the best.  BP was 2nd, Shell was 3rd, then Spectra (whatever that is), Conoco Philips, Marathon, then a bunch of stragglers.  I don't see 76 on their list.  I don't know who Costco, Wallmart, and FredMeyer get their gasoline from.

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