To be fair to the horrid woman, she does look and sound like she's off her meds....

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Having a lesbian for a nurse "...can be erroneously influential to children who wont or shouldn't see the whole picture of how this behavior really manifests itself."




Because if children see what a good nurse you can be while being a lesbian, then they'll want to be lesbians. That's how that works right? I need an aspirin.

I don't even know what to say to that second video.

She seems to have joined an elite group of people who make great livings off of creating homosexual "panic".

Telling your doctor that you don't want a homosexual to give medical treatment to your child because of your "values"? This is just as stupid as the niqabis who won't get medical treatment because it would mean showing their face to someone. The medical establishment is here to tend to people's health. They have to take into consideration things like allergies, medical conditions, advance directories, and have enough problems without catering to people's silly superstitions and prejudices.

The second video was about anti-bullying being part of a homosexual recruitment conspiracy of course.

Yes I would let them treat me or a child. How would I know they are lesbian? I don't ask those questions of people. I don't think it's important to know their sexual orientation.
Those people in those videos are just bigoted horrid people. It's unreal people think like they do.

The video was talking about some gay medical alliance and people would wear a rainbow.


Rainbows are pretty. I liked rainbows when I was a kid.

If I were your nurse, you might start to suspect I was a lesbian at or around the same moment when I started fucking you.


I know this topic is serious, but, seriously.

I haven't even seen the video yet, but I have to respond:



I thought all nurses were lesbians.  I'm fine with lesbian nurses.  As long as they aren't black. 

When my mother was in intensive care last year, she took her nurse to be gay because of how he brooded over her "like a mother hen". I only wondered when the subject of his "honey" came up (my mom had asked), and his honey didn't have a name or a pronoun, not "he", not "she".

(I can understand making an effort to not freak out possibly homophobic patients. Anyway, I remember mentioning things including equal marriage, and as the conversation continued, his honey became "they", and later, "he".)


A video about Lesbian Nurses? I've got plenty of those /pervert


Anyways, seriously, WTF!? Who cares? 


When I pierced myself with a cast iron fence (don't try this at home) I didn't care so much as to the sexual preference of the person, I was more interested in painkillers and something to stop the freaking bleeding.

How empty does your life has to be to worry about the sexual preference of a person that is assisting you professionally? 

People like her think about sex constantly, so I guess they assume that everybody else does too.

The first line of my response might have given it away, but I also think about sex (almost) constantly, although not as much as when I was a teenager. To me, repressing those sexual thoughts can certainly cause you to focus on those feelings negatively. Shame and guilt can do funny things to people's minds, I'd like to think that these people are thinking about sex in the "wrong" way rather then too much.

For example, today I helped a beautiful young woman to carry her suitcase since the escalator was broken and she was carrying a lot of stuff. One of my initial thoughts was sexual, no big deal, right? So what if I have sexual thoughts about her, it didn't stop me from helping her. If I felt ashamed or guilty about those thoughts I might have felt or been uncomfortable and might not even have offered to help. 

Quite silly perhaps, but I know quite a few guys that are unable to act normally because of their lack of control on their urges. Usually because of a mixture of fear and shame, I guess for those who can still remember their teen years, this might sound awfully familiar.



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