To be fair to the horrid woman, she does look and sound like she's off her meds....

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All men think about sex constantly. Those two hangy-down furry-looking things make testosterone and it makes us think about sex all the time. That's one reason religion so evil, it takes something that i natural and ever-present about us and demonizes it.  No wonder priests are so fucked up.

So this lady's child could be laying in pain, bleeding with a broken bone and she's going to notice a rainbow lapel pin? As a parent of an injured child, my first priority is my child.  I could care less if the nurse is dressed as the pink Power Ranger.  Is she competent?  Can she do the job?  If anyone here has a child who has been to the ER, do you even remember what the doctors and nurses were wearing?  I can't even remember if they were male or female, let alone if they  were wearing lapel pin.  What kind of weirdo worries about this stuff when their kid's life is on the line?

I would prefer that she's in pain, bleeding with a broken bone, and she looks up at a rainbow lapel pin.....

Should we start a "don't use fundy doctors" push or a "don't listen to over medicated under educated fundy bitches" campaign? 


I bet they are allowed to use cures and medicines that gay people invented.    

That "don't listen to over medicated under educated fundy bitches" campaign" sounds like a winner.  Where can I get the bumper sticker?  Maybe we need to abbreviate it to "DLTOMUEFB"

This reminds me of the M*A*S*H episode where a soldier tells one of the doctors to be sure to get him "the right blood," meaning blood from a white donor, rather than a black one.  It is the same brand of discrimination and bigotry.

I note that she mentions rainbow flags worn by some hospital staff.  Has it occurred to this twit that some straight people might wear a rainbow flag purely as a statement of support for his or her friends in the LGBT community?

About the only encouraging thing about the first video at least is that, when I pulled it up on YouTube, it was being badly voted DOWN (and yes, I added my own disapproval).  Nice to know that there are people out there who know bullshit when they smell it.

In the 90s I worked at a Chicago hospital that got occasional Arab patients.  I have a last name that people sometimes think is jewish, but it isn't, just sort of germanic.  They often would tell me they wanted someone who wasn't jewish to take care of them.  I never knew what to do - say "Im not jewish, so it's OK" or "it shouldn't matter."  Usually I would say, "Im not jewish but if you are not comfortable with me I'll be happy to see if there is someone else for you".  It was inner city, and sometimes african american patients would do the same thing.  Not often but sometimes.  Now, in the pacific northwest, there are a lot of Vietnamese and Chinese providers, and people sometimes come to me because they want someone white.  Its really an interesting process.  Female providers are often overwhelmed by women patients who refuse to see male providers.  


To tell you the truth, I prefer a LGBT caregiver if I have that choice.   I just feel more comfortable with them.  So I try to be understanding about other preferences. 

Good grief, who cares?  The VA now offers female patients the choice of a male or female doctor and some VAs even have special clinics so women never have to see a man at all.  I could give a flying fleep if my doctor is male or female , gay or straight.  What gives me confidence when I go to the doctor's office is a wall of diplomas, awards and certifications. 

What is it with RRRWers that they're so obsessed with what they imagine gay people do in bed? I certainly don't give any thought to what straight people do in bed.


From the second video:
"...questioning something as basic as your sexuality..."
Yeah, sexuality is soooo basic...


"Human rights, social justice, or civil rights...  Are we going to get a pedophile now?"


"No one is born homosexual."
It says so right in the bible!  Right?  I actually agree with her.  However, people are born with a natural sexual attraction to the same sex.


"Well, if it was a fixed identity you wouldn't be doing that, now would you?"
Wow.  That is sooo insightful!


Excuse me while I shut down.


"One of the kindest things we can do is tell kids the truth... at the appropriate time."
I agree.


"We may not get it back."
I will pray to your god that you don't, you ignorant woman and your evil agenda.



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