This is strange in many ways, and delightful at some levels.


A few days ago, Christian music star (apparently - I've never heard of her) Vicky Beeching, came out of the closet as gay.  (I know, not politically correct, but that's her term here, not mine).  In her interview, as a celibate, singing-nun-esque Lesbian, but still Lesbian.


Then all of a sudden there's this interview with arch-evil global hate-monger obsessed antigay former druggie Scott Lively.


What a naive woman - she thought the US was more open minded than the UK!


Anyway, it's a somewhat surreal, sometimes creepy, sometimes fun interview.  Kind of like chocolate covered wasabi chips. 

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Hear, hear!

What caught my interest here is a devout christian, apparently famous and with a loyal following, is now outspoken, strong, forceful, and standing up against hatred. We often say, where are the moderate christisns who stand up to the extremists. Here is one who did it, savvy, smart, passinate.

It's great to see her speaking out!

Nontheists don't have a monopoly on morality! :-)

Scott Lively is an unvarnished, extremist purveyor of hate, who's facing trial for crimes against humanity for encouraging government-backed anti-gay persecution in Uganda, and helping instigate Uganda's "kill the gays" bill.

("The Case Against Scott Lively", Center for Constitutional Rights' 15-page booklet with many questions and answers) (The complaint filed against him, which a federal judge refused to dismiss)

Why did this "news" program give him any airtime?

Another of his departures from reality in the interview: "You keep referring to psychology rather than spirituality. I think that's your problem."

Thank you so much for the update on Scott Lively.  I didn't know until now that an actual suit has been filed against him.  I've heard the talk about it, but didn't know it had actually begun.  I hope he gets broiled over the coals. 

For the first time, a federal US judge has ruled a persecution of LGBT people is a crime against humanity.
-- from the article

Jaw.  Hits.  Floor!  Thank you so much for posting that, GC!  That is some of THE BEST NEWS I've seen in a month of Sundays!  I hope Lively takes it on the chin!

Thanks Grinning Cat.
It gives me hope...

As much as I despise Lively -- and I carried on an email debate with him once -- I can't see this suit winning in the end. If this type of suit is characterized as defamation of character, he can defend on the principle that you cannot libel or slander a large group of people. If he appeals I should think he will win. He has protected First Amendment rights as well. I will check out the C.C.R.'s case against him. Thanks for the hyperlink.



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