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Comment by Bertold Brautigan on January 18, 2017 at 9:02am

Daniel, that's oranges and apples.

Comment by Daniel W on January 18, 2017 at 8:16am

BB so what you are saying is, Orange is the new Black?  :-)

Comment by Bertold Brautigan on January 18, 2017 at 6:45am

I agree, Carl. We should be as nice to the orange guy as they were to the black guy.

Comment by The Flying Atheist on January 18, 2017 at 12:17am

Oh, and to those people who have exclaimed that Trump's not even in office yet and to wait and see what happens...I say, Puleeeze!!  Really?!  Get real.  

Comment by The Flying Atheist on January 18, 2017 at 12:11am

Like I've been saying to my family, friends, and acquaintances...there's absolutely NOTHING good about any aspect of a Trump administration.  This really is a dire situation.

Comment by Bertold Brautigan on January 17, 2017 at 7:59pm

[Daily Beast]

Betsy DeVos, Trump’s Education Pick, Could Make Life Hell for LGBT Youth

Senators must ask if a socially conservative crusader intends to protect gay and transgender students. Lives are at stake.

DeVos’s stance on LGBT rights is not known—she has declined to comment ahead of the confirmation hearings—but there are, to put it mildly, reasons for concern.
The DeVos family has been the primary funder of some of the most anti-LGBT organizations in the country, to the tune of more than $200 million. Her father-in-law, Richard DeVos, was one of the first mega-funders of the Christian right in the 1970s, and his foundation is now a fixture at The Gathering, the Woodstock of Christian right funders, and a major funder of Focus on the Family. The DeVos Center for Religion and Society at the Heritage Foundation has promoted a quasi-theocratic worldview. And Betsy DeVos’s father, Edgar Prince, was a founder of the Family Research Council.
Comment by Daniel W on January 11, 2017 at 12:37pm

Ruth, I never expected marriage equality, and in decades past would not have devoted emotional capital to the idea.  I just never thought it would happen.  But others who were smarter than I, pushed it forward, and it happened.  For me, the issue with Clinton was not so much that she changed her mind, but that she was so mendacious about it in the first place, making speeches about how marriage had always been, everywhere, for one man and one woman, which we know is bullshit - there are many cultures and civilizations, especially historic, in many places, where marriage was at least a wealthy or prominent man, and his harem - Chinese royalty and upper class, Arab, Hebrew, well documented in the Bible, and various creative arrangements.  It was an outright, self-aggrandizing lie in the beginning.  Then when she flipped, she attacked people who said she flipped, rather than saying, as Obama did, "My thoughts evolved as I learned more".

How the black church uses and abuses its gay members.  This is especially vile for a community that benefited greatly by a gay man who mentored and inspired Martin Luther King Jr, was demonized and ostracized from that movement, Bayard Rustin

This is as if to say, "It's wrong, and evil, to discriminate against, and demonize people like me.  God says it's wrong!  It's right to discriminate against THEM!  God says we should!"

From the article, Burrell's Church of God in Christ "COGIC cannot deny that the church get its Jesus dance on and Amen shouts to a black gay male queer gospel aesthetic every Sunday and no one knows it better than Burrell herself."

Where I get some hope is how fast many were to condemn Burrel's churchly hate speech.

One weird thought, that I won't read too much in, because it's like translating from someone's mind, is that on her sermon and speaking generically to LGBT people, Burrell said "“I love you and God loves you, but God hates the sin in you and me.”  What is the sin in her - is she gay?

Comment by Ruth Anthony-Gardner on January 5, 2017 at 3:48pm

I hear you about Clinton's flip, and the Democratic party in general, Daniel. Some there are supportive and many aren't.

Comment by Daniel W on January 5, 2017 at 2:53pm

Terry Gross looks back on her "Fresh Air" interview with Hillary Clinton.  Gross expresses regret that she didn't handle it better.  She is a class act, and was handling Clinton with kid gloves while Clinton went on a mendacious attack mode,  "No, I don't think you are trying to clarify. I think you're trying to say I used to be opposed and now I'm in favor and I did it for political reasons. And that's just flat wrong. So let me just state what I feel that you are implying and repudiate it".  It would have been nice if Clinton had less hubris, and maybe said something like "I believed what I said then, but I was wrong.  I regret that those words hurt LGBT people, and I hope I have gained trust since then by being inclusive and supportive of equal rights for all". 

I remember that interview, and it kind of floored me..

Oh well.  That's done.  The next time a democratic candidate comes ringing at my phone for some dollars, they better be more straightforward about who they are and what they represent.  No scare tactics, and no more Clintons, either.

Comment by Bertold Brautigan on December 28, 2016 at 7:08pm

Franklin Graham, Other Anti-LGBT Clergy Booked for Trump Inauguration

  • A host of anti-LGBT clergy members will participate in Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration, including Rev. Franklin Graham and Archbishop Timothy Dolan.

[The Advocate]


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