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Comment by Daniel W on Sunday
Some German gay men seeking reparations from recent and remote bigotry and human rights violations. Germany still doesnt have gay marriage.
Comment by Joan Denoo on Friday

Daniel & Grinning Cat, thanks for the listing of options. I think if I had such a partner, male or female, married or not, I would call him or her "Spice". You guys make my day. 

Comment by Grinning Cat on Friday

Daniel: calling your partner "Who died and made you Emperor?" - heh!

I've encountered a few married female-male* couples that refer to each other as their partners. And I'm all for rejecting the narrow gender roles implied in the etymology of "husband" ("male head of a household, master of a house", whereas "wife" once meant simply "woman").**

(And I do know one male-female couple who'll sometimes semi-jokingly call each other "Spouse".***)

I also see "wife" and "husband" as entrenched, widely understood words for spouses, words that have shifted from their original connotations. My impression is that men talking about their husbands, and women talking about their wives, have helped many straight people see same-sex marriage for what it is: not some separate institution of "gay marriage" but a natural part of marriage.

But whatever particular partners call each other (politely, in public, and without trying to impose roles on the rest of us, like someone insisting they be addressed as "Lord and Master"), I'll follow their lead.


* Interesting how various expressions such as "male and female", "husband and wife", "he or she", invariably put the man first. When I'm paying attention I often consciously break that pattern. ("'Man' is a false generic, as in 'Man, being a mammal, breastfeeds his young.'")

** Other languages can be worse: I remember reading about Israeli feminists proposing a replacement for the Hebrew term for "husband", which is literally the same word as "master, lord, owner", whereas "wife" is the same word as "woman". They suggested that a man's spouse refer to him as "my man", parallel to how a woman's spouse refers to her as "my woman". No idea how well that caught on.

*** The plural of "spouse" might well be "spice", for some! :)

Comment by Daniel W on Friday
Joan, it depends on their behavior. Sometimes I refer to mine as "who died and made you emperor of China?" But that doesnt answer your question.

it depends. Some use the terms "husband" for men or "wife" for women. Some use the word "partner". As long as one is well meaning and doesn't say "your co-Sodomite", no one should mind. If they do, that's their problem.

Personally I use the word "partner". What could be better than to have a partner in life? Why retread old sex role - ridden terms? But I may not be politically correct.
Comment by Joan Denoo on Friday

I hate to admit my ignorance, but how do GLBTQ refer to their partners? 

Comment by Bertold Brautigan on Friday

Funny - God must have been trying to flood the houses of evil people and got Tony's by mistake. Where's all that omniscience and omnipotence when they need it??? No doubt Pat Robertson will have a wet dream explaining this riddle wrapped in an enigma swaddled in bullshit.

Comment by Daniel W on Friday
It doesn't happen often, but sometimes there is justice in the universe and schadenfreude is too sweet for words. Tony Perkins, one of the most obnoxious professionally antigay fundamentalist activists / organizers in the country - his house was destroyed in the Louisiana flood. A flood that Perkins, who supported the American fundamentalist-created Uganda "kill the gays bill" - called a flood of biblical proportions.

I'm a bad person. This made me feel happy.
Comment by Daniel W on August 11, 2016 at 8:23pm
Enemas can be useful at times. But Loren, I don't think they make brain enemas.
Comment by Loren Miller on August 11, 2016 at 4:34pm

As it comes to enemas, I can think of a couple GOP candidates who could do with some alimentary cleaning out ... mostly 'cuz they're full of shit!

Comment by Bertold Brautigan on August 11, 2016 at 4:24pm

@Daniel - yes, with friends like these, who needs enemas?


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