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Comment by The Flying Atheist on March 25, 2013 at 12:13am

Here's a BBC article with coverage of the French protest:

BBC News

It includes the following interesting information (emphasis mine.)

"Police had banned the protesters from the Champs Elysees, but groups of them broke through to the avenue.

Officers used batons and tear gas to try to dislodge several hundred people who gathered there as the main demonstration ended.

Mr Valls said the remaining protesters were mostly from far-right groups.

However, the head of the centre-right opposition UMP party, Jean-François Cope, said some families on the protest had been caught up in the tear gas."

So, according to the BBC, it appears the protest had officially ended but some participants took it upon themselves to continue protesting and to move it into an unapproved area. 

Comment by The Flying Atheist on March 24, 2013 at 11:38pm

It's down right irresponsible to bring children into the environment of a contentious protest.  The fact that riot police were stationed on the premises and ready to spring into action if necessary should be red flag number one for any caring parent to keep the kids at home. 

Upon the first sign of violence, those parents should have turned those baby strollers right around and headed in the opposite direction, quickly.  But they didn't.  Completely irresponsible. 

Comment by Daniel W on March 24, 2013 at 10:48pm

French "protect the children" homophobic protesters,, using their toddlers as human shields against the tear gas....

like so much news, who who knows the full story?  how much is true?  If it is true, pretty damnable behavior, putting ones children in harms way to protect other children from having loving same sex parents.  assholes.

Comment by Daniel W on March 24, 2013 at 3:28pm

Oh well....  I was trying to be positive.  Here via,  Paris now looking like a place for haters.  Then again, relative # compared to the overall population is not a lot.  

I hope the US doesn't try to one-up the French.  We could label marriage equality "Freedom marriage" like they did French fries a few years back?

Comment by Daniel W on March 24, 2013 at 2:29pm


Thnks for posting that.  

Carl, you are absolutely right.  I'm amazed at the progress.  The "anti-equality" neanderthals are becoming increasingly defensive in the US ("why do they call us bigots?  That's so mean!  It's bullying!") and their lies more and more transparent.

James, that's a pretty frock he's wearing.  Love the color.

Dallas, I didn't read in detail - also saw that on I think.  I can find some cro-magnon cretins around here too.   Fortunately, they often have a short life span, due to unhealthy practices, smoking, alcohol, meth, and getting stomped to death in bars.

Comment by Susan Stanko on March 24, 2013 at 1:42pm

AAP Says Same-Sex Marriage In Kids' Best Interests

Comment by The Flying Atheist on March 24, 2013 at 12:55pm

Loren, you're quite correct.  You'll notice that the opposition to gay marriage has fallen into two distinct camps.  The first camp outright opposes gay marriage for religious reasons.....period.  Then you have the second camp who are "smart" enough to realize that using the religious argument is not a winnable strategy in court.  Instead they have widened their argument beyond two same-sex people getting married and have included with their opposition the whole family unit, proclaiming (using made up pseudo-sociological "science"), "What about the children?"  They insist that children MUST have both a female and a male parent in order to live a normal life.  They insist that same-gender parents are somehow harmful to children despite evidence to the contrary.  And there are actually fringe members of this group who have even suggested that adopted children of opposite sex parents are somehow on a lower level tier of legitimacy, therefore making adopted children of same sex parents and even worse proposition. 

If this wasn't such a serious topic with serious ramifications, their arguments would be laughable.  But I'm not laughing.  I'm utterly disgusted. 

Comment by Loren Miller on March 24, 2013 at 7:50am

Between Dallas' and James' last two links, I think what is going on is obvious: there are people out there who want the right to discriminate.  Some use the church and the bible as excuses; some are just bigoted.

While they have a right to their opinions, the realization of those opinions have no place in government at any level.

Comment by James M. Martin on March 23, 2013 at 6:10pm
Comment by Daniel W on March 21, 2013 at 8:46pm

I get frustrated by the power of the internet to inflate, inflame, misinform, and propagandize.  It's so hard to sort it out.  When I learn a report of abuse is fake, it pisses me off royally.

Reminds me of a local "gay leader" who I knew in Indiana in the early 80s.  He was supposedly getting death threats.  It always got a lot of attention.  But no proof was ever offered.  Was it true?  Passive aggressive manipulation?  I never knew, and never will.

Integrity is one of the most important things we can have.  No one is perfect, of course.  But when people quit believing you, and become angry at being manipulated.....  Cry wolf.

I'd rather say woof.


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