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Comment by Daniel Wachenheim on May 22, 2012 at 9:56pm

Josh Dixon, openly gay olympic gymnastic hopeful

Comment by Daniel Wachenheim on May 22, 2012 at 8:55am

thugs beat gay man on camera in Ukraine.    It makes me wonder, if LGBT people are doing so much damage to the world - as homophobes insist - why is it always LGBT people who get beaten and murdered?  Im not promoting eye for eye, and I'm antiviolent, but seems to me that the homophobes and christians and muslims and orthodox jews are a culture of hate and violence.

Comment by Daniel Wachenheim on May 21, 2012 at 9:49pm

12 reasons marriage equality will ruin society....

Comment by dr kellie on May 21, 2012 at 6:31pm

I'm going to think about this the next time I am kissing a gay man.  It's going to seem so much hotter:)

Comment by Tony Carroll on May 21, 2012 at 6:14pm

I agree. Disgusting. By his logic, (of which he has NONE), he also needs to include straight people, because last I knew, straight people had all the babies, know what I mean? What a douche!

Comment by Daniel Wachenheim on May 20, 2012 at 9:58pm

Dominic, thank you for your thoughtful input!


It's interesting to look at perspective.  In the 2nd to oldest comment page (currently page 159) you'll see the originator's rationale in naming the group.  The reason it fell to this group was, at the time the groups were merged, this one had triple the number of members of the other groups (which disbanded), but most members were in all 3 of the LGBTQI groups.  Members voted with their group membership as to what name the group would have.  The LGBTQ (and now I) designation was added to emphasize inclusion.  The originators of all 3 groups are long gone, most likely from lack of interest, busy lives, or other reasons.


The originator of this group, as noted next to the name, is Claire. She's been away 4 years, and did not respond to outreach when the groups merged, or after that.  The way Ning is set up, the group originator (creator, to be almost theist) remains even if they are dead (like this group whose creator is dead but his group and profile page live on) .  


As Dominic states, the intent is always to be inclusive and welcoming of gender identities / sexual identities / orientations.   That was also the intent of the group creator, who was (a) not American and (b) was a woman.  I don't know if she identified as Lesbian, bi, trans, intersex, questioning, or friendly.  As such, the group name was not from an American, male, perspective. 


That inclusiveness is meant to evolve.  In this process I did note the group description was more inclusive than the group name, and modified the name accordingly.  That change not only encourages inclusion, but also prompts questions that lead to better inclusion.  Inclusion also builds community, and results in more interesting conversation and a larger pool of people.


That inclusiveness is also meant to cross borders, be inclusive of people of all races, ethnicity, religious origins.  Discussions or comments may be affected by the experience or interests or identity or community of the person who posted, as long as they are reasonably respectful, meet the Ning Terms of Service, and are relevant to the group.  As moderator I have never removed a comment or asked for someone to do so.  I do take the liberty to express my opinion, which I usually put a fair amount of thought into.


For that matter, any nontheists are welcome regardless of whether they define themselves as atheist.

Comment by Dominic Florio on May 20, 2012 at 8:22pm

This should be such a non-issue.  While individual identities are extremely important, when it comes to groups, around the world, gay is inclusive.  The mood, contents, and discussions of this group would leave no one guessing if it is open to minorities within our minority, or if it is welcoming to all who identify as other than heterosexual.  In fact, smart, supportive, free thinking heterosexuals would be as welcome as anyone else.

I remember the days when "she" had to be included in every writing, or a female image had to represent your group, otherwise you were labeled anti-female, anti-lesbian, or whatever someone could think of, in order to draw attention away from the important issues at hand.

If you have both sex organs, if you like to hump rocks, or if the pink battery bunny causes you to see stars, more power to you.  Sorry if rock humping bunny lover is not included in the name of the group.  I say let's get over it and move on to where the real discrimination exists.  And that is when governments and churches work together to rally the common people against one another, to divert attention away from the powers that be, who are keeping us from realizing our rights and freedoms.

Comment by Susan Stanko on May 20, 2012 at 6:35pm

My sister-in-law went there today to by slacks for her son.  Never cared for the store but, this is good news.

Comment by Daniel Wachenheim on May 20, 2012 at 5:07pm

Shanna, so far you have told us that you take offense when something is not set up specifically for you; you want the group that you just joined to rename itself just for you; without identifying where you are on the spectrum, you apparently  prioritize it based on you coming before others in the march of alphabet soup, you give no credit whatsoever for what has been a 4-year effort at group building, after specific efforts have been made to be inclusive of more people, you specifically exclude intersex people from your favored acronym, and you don't care about people outside the US.  Do you go to new friends' houses for the first time and then tell them you hate the decor and by the way you don't like their street name?

Comment by Daniel Wachenheim on May 20, 2012 at 8:51am

When the group names were merged, there were long long long long discussions about what to use.   The fact is, a lot of people around the world use gay as an inclusive term.  A lot of people still don't accept "queer" as anything but an insult - it would be like using the "n-word" in the title of a group about racial issues.  Use of search terms sometimes requires precision - LGBT and GLBT and LGBTQ and GLBTQ and LGBTQI etc .  I find it frustrating that the first person thing someone has to say is they don't like the name of the group - discounting what has been said and done in the past.  There's no problem with having a discussion of terminology - billions of ascii characters have been spent doing so - starting a discussion topic would be appropriate, as opposed to the group comment wall.  I remember when Ellen came out - she said Yep, I'm gay".  The designation "LGBTQI" prioritizes Lesbians as first in the list, and the order of terminology sets up a prioritization that I in general find offensive - not because Lesbians are first, but why leave some people as add on at the end and only use them occasionally - everyone is important.  I do not agree with removing "Gay" from the group name.  Gay is not just gay men and never was - if it was, the "men" would not need to be added to "gay", it would be redundant.  Please tell me a generally accepted term that is inclusive, widely accepted, useful as a search term, does not prioritize people as some being "first" some being "last" and some being lost in the middle, that is not offensive, and that people in most countries will recognize.


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