Life extension is one of the hottest topics around these days, but that doesn’t mean that every update will necessarily be groundbreaking. Calico mostly flew under the radar last year (somebody called it…) but 2015 is around the time they need to start making waves or begin to lose investor trust. Very likely, the first Calico initiative will be narrow in scope or just overly banal — in all likelihood, one of the first technologies to come out of Calico will be a software solution ala the failed Google Health.

Beyond that, otherwise amazing innovations like a blood-glucose monitoring contact lens will start to make their way to the open market, showing the promise of advanced healthcare while reaching only relatively small group of people. The preventative therapies and advanced cyborg techniques that might let Calico increase the life expectancy of healthy people are a lot further out. Still, 2015 will certainly hold something for Calico; all that remains is to see what it is.

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The VERY last thing I want to do is extend my life!  I'm just too chicken to end it now, and I'm such a f-ck-up that I'd probably fail, and end up on life-support, or some damn thing, anyway.

When our pets are in constant pain or too feeble to walk much, we can offer them euthanasia.  Why can't we do the same for ourselves?

Felaine, I perceive you as fine. I don't doubt your feeling; I only want you to know I value your contributions

Joan, I have nothing left to contribute to my culture, and I'm in pain 24/7/365.  All I can manage to do is open cans of cat food, and play on the computer.  And I'm tired.

I predict many more advances and at least a couple big-time breakthroughs in the fight against cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer's and other such diseases.  I get weekly news on developments such as these on Steve Shives' weekly series, "And Now the Good News."

Hmm, funny how many of us follow his stuff.




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