What will humans be like in 100 years?  1000?  One million?  One trillion?

My main reason for this discussion is to see if my thinking is that far off.  I’ve mentioned this subject several times before on Atheist Nexus, in relation to living forever, but got little or no response.  Am I the only one that thinks about these things?

There’re many science fiction stories and shows that are set 100 years to millions of years in the future, (Star Trek is 200 to 400 years), where humans are still biological creatures.  

Why not mechanical?  In my opinion, mechanical bodies will give us so many advantages, that most people will eventually want them.  They will be so much more resistant to damage, so much less plagued by disease, and so much less plagued by pain.  In fact, eventually I see disease reduced to near zero, and pain reduced to absolutely zero.

Eventually, we may become just energy beings or something else not mechanical, but for now, I just wonder why science fiction stories have us still biological.  My best guess is that they want the people in their stories to be more relatable.

Personally, I find any intelligent being relatable, no matter what they’re made of, and I like my stories realistic.  I can’t realistically see humans keeping their biology the same for 1000 years, or even 200.  In fact , we’re giving people artificial arms, legs, hearts, and other things right now.  My guess is that a fully artificial body (except for the brain) will be possible in 100 years.  

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It might be nice for older people to have a mechanical body, but it seems to me that if younger people take that route, that we will stop reproducing, and then there will be no need for mechanical bodies, and the human race will die out when the last person finally has dimentia.

(And, if they still had sex, it would be awfully noisy!!)

But I like noisy sex!

My guess is a dementia-proof brain will be developed within 10 thousand years, maybe much sooner.

Yeah, the transmission of our consciousnesses out of our meat brains would take care of the dementia problem.  Dementia has a physical cause, in every case, I believe.




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