So what do you all think?

DO you agree? Or or you have alternate endings you thought up yourself?

By: C. Coville, Kevin Bell, J.F. Sargent June 27, 2011

At some point, we've all seen the finale of a TV show or movie and thought, "I could have written a better ending than that." (We're still bitter about 24 not ending with Jack Bauer exploding from all the accumulated urine in his body, like our write-in campaign suggested.) That's why there is a thriving culture of fan theories that flood the Internet in anticipation of every show, movie or book.

Though these theories turn out to be wrong approximately 100% of the time, we like to point out the ones that really do seem to improve on what the actual writers came up with. Tell us the below movies or series wouldn't be improved if it turned out...

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I wish the Matrix would have ended that way. I was so disappointing in the way they ended it.


I agree!


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