5 Underrated Superhero Teams That Need Movies


posted 11/10/2011
by Ian Fortey


Avengers hype is heating up as the big day for the movie’s release draws near. It will undoubtedly be huge, just as the X-Men was before it, and the Fantastic Four was for about 10 minutes before people realized it sucked super hard. People like superhero teams and they like movies and when you put them together, well that’s fun too. But you’ll notice not a lot of teams are getting the Hollywood treatment and we think that sucks, so here are a few suggestions for teams we don’t want to be overlooked after the Avengers comes out and uncreative producers try to copy its success with 100 other superhero team movies. Yes, you could go with Infinity Inc or Guardians of the Galaxy, but these teams would be way cooler on film. Sorta.

See the List here.

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I would like to see Dr. Who & K-9 take a trip overseas to HW.  2 People can be a team?  I am partial to the 4th doc- Tom Baker.  Did the British people invent sarcasm

I liked David Tennant -- he's my favorite Doctor so far!




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