6 Common Movie Arguments That Are Always Wrong
Christina H
April 03, 2012

Everybody loves sharing their opinions on the Internet, sometimes about important, world-changing things like politics, religion, human rights or cat declawing, and sometimes about unimportant things, like movies.

And as everyone knows, the best part about sharing opinions is the chance to smugly tell other people that their opinions are wrong. Almost every heated movie discussion has someone pulling out one of these stupid, nonsensical lines.

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YES. "It's just a stupid [insert genre here] movie. It doesn't have to make sense!" Yes. It. Does.

I paid how to see this? You spent how much making it? The least you could do is not insult my intelligence and hire writers who understand things like suspension of disbelief, plot and character development.

It's all about the mighty dollar and the modern audience. The largest spenders for the movie industry are immature kids that just want to see cool explosions and hear fart jokes. We are no longer a generation that appreciates movies like Dances With Wolves. I feel like an oddity in that I most like the thought provoking flicks of yesteryear.

I agree with you James. The kids love the dumb low brow humor and big explosions.
I loved the movie Dances With Wolves.
Thank you Sarah! Right they could at least make a believable movie.

I really enjoyed reading this. Thank you Steph.

Your welcome James! Thanks so much for you reply!




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