Which company is going to win in the end?

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No kidding. The 3DS practically prints money. Nintendo owns that bit of the market.

Nintendo seems to ignore the adult gaming audience. I haven't gamed regularly in a couple years, but I remember having that complaint with their titles. I was unhappy with what they were doing with The Legend of Zelda series and ultimately turned to our PS3. We have a Wii but I don't think it's been on in a month. I use the PS3 primarily for Netflix these days.

Heh, didn't see that one coming back when I was crawling behind my parents cabinet TV to hook up the Atari 2600. "TV through the console? Why??"

Yeah, they're completely ignoring the core gamers. Doesn't seem to be hurting them much financially, though.

I heard that they had a bad year financially.

Nintendo's Philosophy:

N64 (They want CD's? F'em, we know best)

Gamecube (They want adult games and the third parties to come back? F'em, we know best, here's a minidisk and the worst Final Fanatasy game ever)

Wii (They still want mature games? They want a DVD player? F'em, here's a motion control gimmick that we'll force all our games to use)

I dunno about the current year. In previous years, the Wii did insane sales.

I kind of liked the N64, actually. Some texture-maps would have been nice, but the 4-player games were insanely fun.
I'm right with you on them going the same route as Sega, though. I'd like to see what their developers could do with a real piece of hardware.

The new Wii is supposed to be way behind the other companies in the hardware department. Nintendo says they have enough power. Once again, Nintendo knows best. I guess you don't need great graphics when all of your games are cell shaded child side scrollers.

Doesn't mean they won't make a fortune with it.  I probably won't buy one, but many others will.

Zelda is the only reason I'd consider buying a Wii. I find myself rooting for Nintendo to fail and go third party so I can play Zelda on other platforms.

Right James I agree with you here on your reference to Coke or Pepsi. I have to admit I am bias toward Apple. However, I use the PC too.
I would like to see both in the market myself. It serves us best to have variety and diversity in the marketplace.

Not a great direct comparison, since a can of soda is a stand-alone product, but it makes for a good turn of phrase.


Computer, console, and phone operating systems have less room for a variety of products, because of the additional cost of tuning applications to each OS.  The developers will only support a few of the most popular platforms.

That's why most corporations still use Windoze XP.  There's a bit of a Catch 22 going on.  Application developers only write their software for Windoze XP, because almost none of their clients have Windoze 7 deployed throughout their workforce.  Corporations are still slow deploying Windoze 7 throughout their workforce, because most of their necessary applications are only written for Windoze XP.

We're still trying to get a working image of 7 up and running, and it's been a fucking nightmare, because we have to run everything in virtual mode.

Thanks for the replies everyone :)

De nada.



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