'Smart skin' hope for touch sensor

Artificial limbs and human/computer interfaces may include a sense of touch in the near future.

Scientists have made a step forward in their ability to mimic the sense of touch.

A team from the US and China made an experimental array that can sense pressure in the same range as the human fingertip.

The advance could speed the development of smarter artificial skin capable of "feeling" activity on the surface.

The sensors, which are described in Science magazine, could also help give robots a more adaptive sense of touch.

Using bundles of vertical zinc oxide nanowires, the researchers built arrays consisting of about 8,000 transistors.

Each of the transistors can independently produce an electronic signal when placed under mechanical strain.

The touch-sensitive transistors - dubbed taxels - have a sensitivity comparable to that of a human fingertip.

"Any mechanical motion, such as the movement of arms or the fingers of a robot, could be translated to control signals," said Zhong Lin Wang, a professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

"This could make artificial skin smarter and more like the human skin. It would allow the skin to feel activity on the surface."

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