I can't wait to see this movie! Anyone else?

Thought we could discuss the movie here.

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Looks like mindless crap to me.

To each his/her own ...

This movie has all kinds of great stuff .. aliens, action, sci-fi! Awesome!

May 18th! I'm there!

From what I've seen of it, it looks like a Michael Bay movie, only with less plot.

Well I like it .. and I did watch the Transformers

After The Avengers, Battleship will be an also-ran.  It can wait until it shows up on HBO for me.

What WON'T wait will be The Dark Knight Rises and MIB3.

Oh same here Loren. I can't wait to see those.

Did you watch Underworld Loren? I just bought the Blu-ray.

I loved all the Underworld movies.

Nope - not my trip.

It looks like a fun movie. They'll have to make the game more exciting after this.  Also, it's funny to me that all of these games, old movies, and cartoons are being revamped. I'm still waiting for an action packed connect 4.

Yeah right Connect Four. I think they already made an Angry Birds movie. Lol




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