Can J.J. Abrams do for Star Wars what he did for Star Trek? And should he?

I am a big Star Trek and Star Wars Fan - read this opinion article and tell me what you think.

Charlie Jane Anders

It's hard to overstate how boring Star Trek seemed in 2008. A pointless prequel had sucked the life out of it, the movies were crud, and the whole thing become a source of bland jokes on late-night TV. There were comics, games and novels for the die-hard fans, but as far as mainstream culture was concerned, Trek was toast.

J.J. Abrams brought Star Trek back. And now, with Star Wars in a not totally dissimilar situation, he's been brought in to repeat the feat. Can he do it again?

So first of all, yes, the comparison between Star Wars circa 2013 and Star Trek circa 2008 does seem apt. This happens to every popular universe from time to time: malaise sets in, everything feels like a retread, and too many iterations of the same old thing have invoked the Law of Diminishing Returns, which is way more unbreakable than the Prime Directive.

True, Star Wars has the Clone Wars cartoon, which is keeping it exciting for a new generation. And the Expanded Universe has a bigger reach than things like Star Trek's attempts to create an extended continuity. But to most people, Star Wars is still mostly a set of six movies that first captured our collective imagination... and then starved it.

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I've got a good feeling about this.




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