I'm a woman, and I don't get it.


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Well, I'm a man and I don't get it either ... so WTF?!?

I can only think of clearing the history in your browser so others don't see what you look at.

Yeah I think that is what the joke is about.

So it's about porn. *nod*

Yes -- exactly!

Hmph - I have my fave porn sites bookmarked.  Mostly bookmarks don't show up in history, or they don't show up in MY history that much. [shrug]

That's one of the things "private browsing" modes are good for.

Actually, I find myself using private browsing fairly often not for porn: on a shared computer, if someone's already logged into webmail and other sites, I can use it to check my own webmail, post to Digg and Atheist Nexus, etc., without having to log them out of anything we both use. When I stop private browsing, it restores their sessions.

(We thought separate profiles or user accounts weren't worth the bother.)

I'm also a man, and didn't get it until I read the first few replies here.

Now it reminds me of this picture:

So right there Grinning Cat!

My take would be........ so lazy you don't need to bookmark it cuz you can just ask or txt your wife, girlfriend, ex what was that website? or name, address,  phone #?  It is the details the Y-chromo's are lacking?   :)

My apologies to the Male Species that are detail engaged.........

I don't understand what the joke is supposed to be about. Does it mean to imply that nobody cares about the subject of history because there are no bookmarks listed? If that's what the joke is about, it's LAME.




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