Facebook And The Rest Of Silicon Valley Could Be Wiped Out In 40 Years

According to ClimateWire, Facebook and 256 other Silicon Valley tech companies sit in a dange....

As climate change becomes more of a reality and sea levels rise, they could all be in serious trouble.

While much of California's coastline is at risk of rising sea levels, things look particularly bad for the Bay Area. Silicon Valley is already 3-10 feet below sea level, and scientists say that seawater will rise 16 inches by 2050. By 2100, that number is supposed to jump to 65 inches, and the entire area will experience more frequent, hard-hitting storms. If the levees in place are destroyed or overwhelmed by a storm surge, one hard blow could put the 3 million people who live in Silicon Valley in a grisly Waterworld.

Also at risk: Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Intel, Cisco, and Oracle.

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Well, yeah, but we're talking about 40 years.  Who knows where those companies may move, in another 40 years.  They've got so many resources, scattered all over the country.  It wouldn't be that big of a deal for them to move their headquarters.

Yes, global warming is a big deal, but this seems like an odd point to make.

I assumed Geeks & Nerds would care about Silicon Valley. Perhaps it won't be difficult to move their headquarters. Point taken.

Yup, it's a good place.  It's just a weird angle to take with global warming.  Not that it's a bad point, just ... odd.


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