Cultural Star Wars: 'Jabba's Palace' Lego toy sparks protest from Turks

Lego says its "Jabba's Palace" construction set is modeled after the villain's lair in the "Star Wars" saga. A Turkish group in Austria, however, says the structure looks too similar to Istanbul's Hagia Sophia monument.

A Turkish cultural center in Austria has stirred up an international tiff over a "Star Wars" Lego toy: specifically, a model of Jabba the Hutt's domed palace that the Turks say looks too much like Istanbul's sacred Hagia Sophia monument.

"The missiles, guns and weapons ... in the Lego castle are questionable for the Turkish Cultural Community of Austria, even 'educational explosives,'" the center said on its German-language website. The center said a complaint was lodged with Lego, and it reserved the right to file hate-crime complaints with German and Austrian authorities as well.

In response, Lego said that "Jabba's Palace" wasn't modeled after any mosque or other holy place, but after, um, Jabba's palace.



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