Last Monday, SyFy debuted their new show Defiance, and it was a huge hit for the network. In fact, it was the highest rated scripted program on sci-fi in 7 years, since a 2006 episode of Eureka. Set in the near future, Defiance is about an Earth occupied by eight alien races (including humans) who are at an uneasy peace after a long war. Alliances are strained, but in a town called Defiance (formerly St. Louis), a community of different races have come together to maintain peace between them. Enter Nolan (Grant Bowler), a former Marine and current drifter who is inadvertently pulled into Defiance with his adopted daughter, Irisa, who is from of an alien race called the Irathients. In the pilot episode, Nolan and Irisa integrate themselves into Defiance, as they fight off an alien attack ordered by a mysterious figure.

Should you watch it or skip it? Here’s ten pros and cons to help you make up your mind:

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Saw it. Was good. Shows promise, will continue to follow to see how they do. Recommended for SF fans, and general watchers too.

Thanks Tony! I appreciate you telling me about the show.




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