Make sure you check your computer for the DNS virus before Monday -- here is the link to the site.

For more information on the DNS malware virus:

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Thanks Steph. I came up clean.

Great! I was GREEN too! Good deal.

If you've got any of the major anti-virus programs, you should be good.

Thanks for spreading the word! The information on this also confirmed the importance of another precaution:

If you have a router, always change your router's "admin" password. The DNS changer also attempted to change router settings, redirecting traffic from all of your connected computers, video game consoles, etc. I remember hearing about other malware found in the wild a year or two (?) ago that used the same tactic, trying default and common weak passwords like "admin", "password", "letmein", etc.

When I set up a router, I tape a note to the underside. Malware won't physically break into my place or my friend's place, and the password (and non-default control-panel IP address, and secure wireless network settings) are there for reference.

True Grinning, checked a few systems who all use default router passwords and had to change them.  None of them have been infected though.

Haven't found anybody infected as yet.

Though I'm curious about it, will have to find an infected one and investigate the pest.

Like the old days when we removed viruses manually.

Scanners and antivirus programs took away much of the fun!

In my networking class we learned about computer security. I hope to take a computer security class soon.

Thanks for the information Grinning Cat.

Has anyone heard of someone who was hit with this? I belong to a local computer club (@1,000 members) and we were able to get the word out to everyone. Ally my systems were good when I ran the check ahead of time.

Haven't really seen much news about it since Monday.

peace ;-} Pan

I am thinking maybe some people might have been affected that don't update their virus definitions or don't know much about computers. I do not know anyone personally affected by the virus. I'm sure there are some out there.




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