Cognitive science gives a few hints on studying.

Everything You Thought You Knew About Learning Is Wrong

I could never give up taking notes in class, though. By the time the lecture is over, I'd have forgotten most of it.

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I disagree on the note taking in the article. However, I agree with your statement Ruth.

I had a class that had no textbook and all we had were lectures. The professor was old-school and did not provide any PPT slides or any notes. For that class he would lecture and whatever you wrote down was the class material. So you had to be an excellent note taker to excel in that class. Luckily, I was and I made an A. I had that professor for many classes in fact.

The interleaving concept makes sense.  However, the advice to take notes after class rather than during it makes no sense.  Instead it's important to review and fill out the notes after the lecture.  

I can see how simply copying notes from a board without putting in effort may not be very beneficial though.




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