Zoomboard allows data entry from a keyboard as small as a penny. Are you ready?

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This makes the onscreen keyboards on smartphones seem generous -- some of us have trouble with those! It also shows the strength of inertia: we're still substantially using Christopher Sholes' QWERTY layout from 1878, designed to avoid typewriter jams.

Maybe speech recognition will become the usual input method for our gadgets.

Why the hell would we want one that small?  I already hate smartphone keyboards.

Everything is getting smaller Joseph.

No they're not.  TV's are becoming HUGE, as a new standard.  If you're below a 40" screen, you've got a pretty small TV.

And my laptop has just short of a 19" screen.  19" used to be freaking huge for a desktop monitor.  In a laptop, it was unheard of.  Desktop monitors are now 22" or 24" standard, and you can easily find a 27" monitor for a reasonable price.

Hell, the latest phones, too.  The latest Samsung Galaxy is freaking huge.  5" screen and a 1.9 GHz quadcore processor.

nice - very cool




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