What are your favorite fantasy and sci-fi books. I like so many it's hard to name but here's a few that I like with an off the cuff rating.

+++++  Wheel of Time Series

+++++  Mistborn Series (anything by Brandon Sanderson really)

++         Ender's Game

+++       early Shannara books

++++    Warded Man

+++       Legend of Drizzt

++        The Black Company series

+++      Hunger Games

++        Necropolis

+++      Legend of the Seeker

+++      The Black Prism

+++      Game of Thrones series

++++      Harry Potter Series

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In no particular order:

 WOT ++++ (only because last ones not out yet. Probably make 5+ then)

 LOTR +++++ (including the Silmarillion, Lost tales, etc.)

 Harry Potter ++++

 Foundation series+++

 Drizzt +++++ (or anything with him in it)

 Chanur series ++++

 The Faded Sun series ++++

 Pern series +++++

 Ringworld +++

Thanks James. And there would be more I can't remember off the top of my head. Peace. 

Thank You - there are some there that I haven't read. More book fun for me! Also it's interesting to see that you rated Drizzt so high. I liked the series, but found that the storyline tended to repeat itself a lot. What made that series special were the self reflections on humanity and life by Drizzt. I have to admit that I was quoting him a lot as I read those. :)

Yeah, Drizzt Do'Urden really speaks to me. I mean, what an outsider. From being raised in Drow society to becoming a ranger of the goddess Meiliki, what a deconversion that had to be. And his internal doubts, reflections, pain that he goes through. Great character to my read. Thanks again,man. Fun. Be well.

Harry Potter! Yay!

I see some I need to add to my list .. here I go to Amazon

Excellent Series! I have read them all, even his son's additions.  I have read to ones Frank wrote 2 or 3 times, they are even better the next time.

Great list there .. I like all that you listed there ... Harry Potter .. good stuff!

anyways I have a collection of Star Trek Pocket books .. and some Fantasy books ... like Dungeons and Dragons sort of pocket books to name a few .. my list would be so long

Hey Steph. I also read alot of the Star Trek pocket books, as I am a Star trek nerd. I once gushed at a visiting doctor at the hospital when I found out his daughter wrote the screenplay for the TNG episode, "The Most Toys", about the time Data was kidnapped to add to his collection. He must have thought I was nuts!

Oh that's one of my most favorite episodes and Data was my favorite character from TNG. nice. I have all the different Star Trek series on DVD.

That was the one where Data almost killed the guy. Good episode.

Yes it was. Data was supposedely ruled by the three laws, but he was evolving. Did he shoot at the guy with the disruptor, because that would violate the 1st law, or was he already more evolved by this time, maybe following the zeroth law? Yeah, now I know that the doctor thought I was nuts.

My biggest pet peeve with TNG was that they killed Data at the end of Nemesis. Even if his memories were transferred to the other one, he wouldn't be the same. That was Data's opinion anyway when he said that if he transferred his memories to Lore, Lore would still not be him. Who's nerdy/nuts now? :)

Oh I agree! I hated that! Data is my favorite! You aren't nerdy nuts .. We are all nerds and geeks here. A group for us. : )



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