What are your favorite fantasy and sci-fi books. I like so many it's hard to name but here's a few that I like with an off the cuff rating.

+++++  Wheel of Time Series

+++++  Mistborn Series (anything by Brandon Sanderson really)

++         Ender's Game

+++       early Shannara books

++++    Warded Man

+++       Legend of Drizzt

++        The Black Company series

+++      Hunger Games

++        Necropolis

+++      Legend of the Seeker

+++      The Black Prism

+++      Game of Thrones series

++++      Harry Potter Series

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Thank you, thank you, thank you. It is indeed a pleasure to be in such wonderful company. Nerds of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your pocket protector!

I was ok with Data's ending. The interest in Data as a character was always centered around his striving to become more human, and with his final sacrifice, he showed that he had fulfilled that lifelong dream. What else was there for him to do, really? Then, it was brought full circle with the introduction of a new android at the beginning of his journey. The only problem with that was that they said his positronic net, or whatever, was less advanced that Data's, so he might not be able to reach the same level. 

How has no one said anything about the Diskworld books yet?

Haven't read them. What are they about?

A lot of things.  There are something like 35 books in the main series, plus another 5 in the young-adult series based on the same world.  http://www.terrypratchett.co.uk/


They're basically morality plays.  Each book is stand-alone, but there are several settings within the world that appear throughout the series.  There are 8 or 9 books based around the witches of Lancre (Scotland's parallel), another 8 or 9 based around the city watch of Ankh-Morpork (London), 5 or 6 dealing with the wizards of Unseen University ...


There are also several one-shot settings with characters that don't appear again, but the events of the books usually end up woven into the history of the world and is mentioned in later books.

Most of the books grab a theme and run with it.  There's one book that deals with human rights, through the narrative filter of the golems.  One of my favorite books is about deities and the evolution of religion.  There's one about the recording industry, one about the movie industry, one about the evolution of the mail system and the telegraph.

They're sort of socio-political commentary, told through a fantasy filter.  There's a reason he was knighted.

I'll have to check that series out Joseph. Sounds cool.

My absolute favorite Series is Dune.  I mean the entire series ais about the making of gods and legends.  Frank Herbert was an amazing writer.  His son is not bad but he is missing the "magic" his father had.

I also like anything Drew Karpyshyn writes: Mass Effect, Darth Bane series, and SW Old Republic.  He just left Bioware to start his on series of books.  I cannot wait to read them.

Hunger Games was not bad and The Hobbit was a great read.

Yeah Jessica! Those are great books. I need more time in the day. I have so many books and stuff to read. My list keeps getting longer.

As does mine.  I frequent my local used book store so my Book Shelf is full of books to read.  Not to mention all the ones I borrow from my local Library.  One day I might be able to say I have read every book I have ever wanted to :)

I don't know if this counts, but I just started reading Dante's Inferno. Good stuff. :)

The Lathe of Heaven by Ursula Le Guin.

I also like the first movie version, which is truer to the book.

Has anyone else read The Kingkiller Chronicle from Patrick Rothfuss? He's only two books in, but the story is really interesting so far.




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