This is for my S.O. who wants a machine just for SWTOR, I picked some parts and came in just over $700. I'd like to get it down to $600 or further if possible.  I put this list together after about 15 minutes of surfing NewEgg.

Where would you "trim the fat"?

  • $715.91

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Personally, I think that's pretty solid, I don't think you're going to subtract a whole lot from that. You could try shopping around for cheaper variants of the MB and GPU that you want, but... Yeah I've been finding pc's of this caliber seem to be around the $700 mark.

sounds like a good deal -- maybe a cheaper case -- if you had too

But what you have looks great

I built my PC for around 800 or so

Thanks guys.

Yes, i agree it is solid, but if you really need to trim $100, one thing you can do is find a cheaper mb/cpu combo. Maybe ASUS/AMD?

I'm sticking with Intel, …as I'll be playing with OSx86 as well, …it's much easier.

I've got it down to $598, found a ASUS MB on sale that's more than sufficient, and went with different RAM, a different (Intel i3) CPU and a recertified GPU.

I think this is still more than adequate for SWTOR.

It's not like my S.O. will let me play Borderlands on it or anything… 




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