The alt right is old racism for the tech-savvy generation

Gamergate trolls add internet racism and misogyny to mainstream politics. The most loathsome geeks and nerds now back climate-denying tRump.

…the so-called alternative (or alt) right. Think Mein Kampf meets The Big Bang Theory. For years these socially dysfunctional millennials have sheltered behind their bedroom laptops, watching porn, sending abusive tweets (anonymously) and eating pizza in their underpants. Mainstream politics – both left and right – has previously ignored this developing phenomenon. But with Donald Trump they have found a champion who understands their anger. And they have become his digital vanguard.

One account of their rise to political significance cites the 2014 Gamergate controversy. This vicious internet culture war took place between those who were pressing for a more inclusive video gaming culture (more women, less violence) and those who reacted against what they saw as a humourless leftwing threat to their enjoyment of guns and boobs. These burgeoning alt right gamers have little in common with traditional Republican conservatives and their evangelical Christian values.

… they come together on blogs and online community forums like 4chan where they fulminate against social justice warriors – SJWs – who want to spoil their fun. [emphasis mine]

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And  they hate normies – normal people – and their repressive political philosophy, democracy. Instead of democracy, they propose that the US should be run like a large company with a CEO at its head, preferably one from Silicon Valley. Someone like PayPal founder Peter Thiel, whose views include : “I no longer believe that freedom and democracy are compatible.” But Trump will do for now. Oh, and only intelligent people should be in charge, and that means white people.

Traditional Republicans are now regularly dismissed by the revolting term cuckservatives – an insult first used by white supremacists of Christian conservatives who, they said, have allowed themselves to be cuckolded by racial minorities.

racism … now has a very new iteration in the nerdy tech-savvy generation of the alt right. Racism 2.0.

… there is something new here. For in cross-pollinating with the anonymity and viciousness of the internet, with porn and video games replacing Christianity as the common language in which conservatives talk to each other, with openly anti-democratic impulses being justified as rationality, the virus of racism is capable of spreading as never before. [emphasis mine]

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Like that's all we'd need: a non-religious bigotry to replace theism.  Who would have seen THAT coming?

Proving that you don't need a god to be an asshole.

Many of these I suspect are also the anti-SJW idiot-children I've seen too much of on YouTube and elsewhere recently.

Very true! While religions are great enablers ("GodSaidSo!"), they're not the only cause.

And as with many of Ruth's posts, I'm not at all "liking" the facts, just appreciating that she's sharing them!

I wish we were all referring to this movement by a clearer, blunter name. "Alt-right" sounds like a computer keystroke, or at worst like a problem that can be solved as easily as rebooting your computer.

Instead of democracy ... only intelligent [i.e. white] people should be in charge ...

Traditional Republicans are now regularly dismissed by the revolting term cuckservatives....

So it's all about dominance -- as expressed in relationships and all areas of life -- and power and authority and Alpha Maleness and Dominator Culture... (see also the AN group "Partnership Vision")

(That insult would carry zero weight with guys who enjoy ethical nonmonogamy, and who delight in their partners having pleasure with others as well as themselves.)

The so-called "alt-right" put a new/old spin on the "conservative" high-priority values of purity, loyalty, and authority, which just as with the traditional conservatives they dismiss, trump the "liberal" high-priority values of fairness and reducing harm.

Worth revisiting: philosopher Rebecca Goldstein's argument that while people hold all these values to different degrees, the "liberal" core values are intrinsically more ethical than "conservative" core values.

"Alt-right" sounds like a computer keystroke, or at worst like a problem that can be solved as easily as rebooting your computer.


And good point about the insult not resonating with sex positive poly people.

One of my general rules is that if someone uses the acronym SJW, in anything but an ironic mockery of assholes who use the acronym SJW, I can pretty much give up trying to reason with the person, since there can't be any progress made.

I wouldn't generalize that much, Joseph. People like Steve Shives are very much in the SJW camp, and I would hardly call him extreme. As with so many other things, there is a range, from sane to ludicrous.

Personally, I don't call myself an SJW, though I share at least some of their values. That's the problem with labels: they are shortcuts and don't give proper expression to what is being abbreviated.

You missed the direction I was coming from.  I'm talking about people who use the term SJW, not the people who would fall under that heading.  Steve Shives doesn't identify as a social justice warrior, because the people who coined the term are the assholes who oppose social justice and use the term in a mocking, derogatory manner.

The people who throw around the term SJW are assholes like Sargon of Akkad, ThunderF00t, and other anti-feminists, racists, and the like.  They're not worth talking to.

[wry chuckle] Wouldn't be the first time I missed something!  Seems as though the "SJW" label gets used derisively or as an epithet more than anything else – point made.  Then, too, I suspect I made something of the same point when I came out on the issue of Atheism-Plus, ages ago.

No worries.  I can see how that might have been slightly confusing.  There might be someone out there somewhere who self-identifies as an SJW, but I've never met anyone who does so.

The whole Atheism+ thing always seemed like a bad idea to me.  Sure, I fall under the description of the label, but it seemed like a distinction that shouldn't be thrown out up front.  If someone doesn't believe in any god, then that person is an atheist.  That doesn't mean that I share anything else in common with the person, and I find it silly for anyone to assume that I do.

I've met atheists who aren't skeptics in any way.  Many Buddhist atheists believe in all of the Zen nonsense that is explicitly unfalsifiable, unscientific, and logically incoherent.  Hell, we had that one person on the site, Claudia Mancuso, or something like that.  She doesn't believe in a god, but she believes in every single other spiritualist, new-age, bat-shit-insane thing that you can imagine.

I'm generally on the same page with most of what Steve Shives says.  There are specific points that we disagree on, such as his recent refusal to use the word "stupid", but they're mostly minor details.

That's pretty much the issue, yeah.  The opposite of SJW seems to be socially-regressive asshole, and I find it best to use that more descriptive term.  I'll leave the deceptive terminology to Fox News, home of the job-creators.




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