They are having a discussion of sorts on the

site -- on Geek vs. Nerd. So according to the Infographic -- are you a Geek or a Nerd?

I have traits of both Geek and Nerd - mostly Nerd according to their Infographic.  I like both Geeks and Nerds! 

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I have traits of both Geek and Nerd -- so I guess I am a bit of both.

Whew, yeah me too. That's a tough one! By movies, I am all nerd. But I didn't marry a geek/nerd, so that makes me a geek. I have the following nerd attributes: an extreme fascination with academics, introversion, diverse and sometimes impractical skills due to broad interests in games, movies, and science, interested in chess, fantasy, and sci-fi, and own only PC's, but I also have the following geek attributes: someone with a specific niche interest that they have become an expert on, can be pretentious and long-winded, and interests including gaming, film (those two are in both categories I just realized), and techno music.


Maybe I'm a Neek! Or a Gerd!

That's me NEEK and GERD -- a bit of both blended into one.

I fit more than 75% of both geek and nerd.

<3<3<3 at full life!
Maybe they can invent a new word for a bit of both - Gerd. Hehe

Maybe a Neek? Because I am both!

Movies I am all nerd. However, I am not introverted. A bit of an attention whore really. I do have specialized fields of knowledge (which are pretty much useless for everyday life). I can be pretentious and long-winded about subjects I love. (& Loud especially when I am drunk).  Sorry I can't build my own computer. I hate math/numbers/stats ect. 

I am very Introverted.

I have built my own computers and I love Science and Math.

Nerd and proud. Also geeky. Sad that they didn't include SCA or obscure and (somewhat) outdated skillsets. Don't pander to me, online zine, or I will stab at thee with my crochethook! o.-

Cool - I will take that test and post the results.

fun test,  Apparently I am a cool Modern Nerd, I'll take that.




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