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Soon you'll be able to control all sorts of devices with a wave of your hand, no glove needed. This new sensor is worn like an extra bulky wrist watch. (The embed code wasn't working)

Link to video

Researchers at Newcastle University and Microsoft Research Cambridge (MSR) have developed a sensor the size of a wrist-watch which tracks the 3-D movement of the hand and allows the user to remotely control any device.

Mapping finger movement and orientation, it gives the user remote control anytime, anywhere -- even allowing you to answer your phone while it's still in your pocket and you're walking down the street.

Being presented this week at the 25th Association for Computing Machinery Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology, 'Digits' allows for the first time 3-D interactions without being tied to any external hardware.

The current prototype, which is being showcased at the prestigious ACM UIST 2012 conference today, includes an infrared camera, IR laser line generator, IR diffuse illuminator, and an inertial-measurement unit (IMU) track.

image from Microsoft reveals wrist-mounted controller that creates in-game 3D ...

Gamers will have a fine control 3D hand.

image from

Microsoft Digits: Wrist sensor allows user to control any device wi...

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Wow - how cool.

Sounds like it would be sorta like the Wii in that it senses body movements - would like to see the system they will use it on - will check out that video.





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