Why do you think it's important to buy all your music and software? Why you should not pirate copyrighted material.

I buy all my music and software. I do not pirate anything!

Any thoughts on the subject are welcome!

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The Rifftrax donate button is awesome. Also; sweet! Another Rifftrax fan!

Those are great -- thank you Nerd.

"This: http://theoatmeal.com/comics/game_of_thrones"

As for music, I have no problem with people downloading, it actually helps sell product. Most indie musicians I know have a few DRM-free options, CD purchase, paid download, …and free (but a donate option) download. Personally, and from 3 decades in the music business as a studio musician/asst. producer/arranger/composer/etc., I think the "recording industry" has been the biggest barrier to artists getting fair pay for their work since its inception. When the medium switched to digital storage, the "industry" became redundant, and more of a barrier to your average joe pro musician getting paid for their craft. They're why I left the biz, …not the downloaders.

I say fuck 'em, and the DRM they road in on...

Hells yes. Good to hear someone who used to make a living on music point out that companies make it harder for musicians to make a living doing what they do.

I can't wait until they go broke. 

There's no need for middlemen anymore but corporate interests are so tied into government policy (SOPA?) that it's doubtful this particular capitalist redistribution of wealth will ever end.

Did you watch the Game of Thrones series Nerd? I have it on DVD. It's really good.

I don't think it's important to buy all of my music and software. I just get my music and software from people who don't charge.

My ex and my I ran a recording studio for about 10 years. To keep up to date with technology can be overwhelming financially. There were tons of hours and work put into just one song let alone a whole record.  It takes a special individual to sit and listen to each part of a song over and over and over and... you get the point.  Since seeing the creative side of music along with the hard work and time invested  I have refused to watch bootlegged movies and I purchase my music at the store or itunes.  Stealing someones hard work is stealing no matter what the item is.

As for software, that can be tempting but I restrict myself to the same ideals as I do for movies and music.



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