There's an International Plan to Censor the Internet in the Works -...

The TransPacific Partnership will impact your use of the internet.

How the Trans Pacific Partnership making its way through Washington seriously undermines citizens’ rights to participate in a free and open Internet.

Described by experts Lori Wallach and Ben Beachy of Public Citizen as “one of the most significant international commercial agreements si..., the TPP is more than a trade agreement - it’s an underhanded attempt by old industry interests to censor the Internet.

... lack of general awareness about the TPP ... the more covert the negotiations, the easier it is to usher in extreme new Internet censorship rules.

The changes proposed by the TPP could seriously undermine citizens’ rights to participate in a free and open Internet. We know from leaked drafts that these draconian measures could criminalize your everyday use of the Internet, force service providers to collect and hand over your private data, and give old industry conglomerates more power to fine you for Internet use. As opposed to fostering a global forum in which citizens can engage with one another, the TPP would stifle any kind of innovation within the Internet community.

President Obama is ...  attempting to “fast track” the deal through Congress.

... the White House’s recent announcement that they’ll go ahead with the TPP -- despite the current government shutdown.

... this really is the last chance for global citizens to let their decision-makers know that they will pay a hefty political price for supporting a deal that censors the Internet.

It’s time to put an end to Internet censorship now. Join the over 100,000 others who have spoken up and sign the petition against Internet censorship today at

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Why do those in various governments wish to control what people read, view, hear, etc?  It's completely ridiculous and outrageous.

Why?  The better to CONTROL them ... plain and simple.

I signed it, because it is so appalling. 

Gladly (well, not glad that this is necessary!) signed - thanks!

Signed, gladly so.

Thanks for the information. Petition signed.




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