Mojang and others join reddit for Jan. 18 blackout, Wikipedia indec...

I assume you're also upset by provisions in the Stop Online Piracy Act.

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It makes a statement.  Question is: will that statement be heard by those passing or rejecting the bill?

your right Loren

I just heard that Wikipedia joined the blackout for Jan 18th. Has anybody else asked Brother Richard to consider Atheist Nexus?

Well -- looks like we are up -- so we did not join the blackout.

Yes, I am bothered by the Stop Online Piracy Act -- can you say Police State!

Brother Richard sent this explanation to me, when I complained after midnight about us not participating in the blackout.


Thanks for the email. I have placed something on the front page of Nexus. It was supposed to automatically post at midnight, but did not. I would go totally black, but the hosting service we use does not allow for redirects. Therefore, it would only look like we didn't exist at all.

Apparently he is sympathetic but was unable to participate for technical reasons.

I just had too! Couldn't resist!

Thanks I like the chart.

Information links from

Reddit SOPA Community

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Get Involved

Great links! Thanks!

Thanks for the lost of participating websites, George. 75,000 websites participated!




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