So JJ Abrams is set to direct the next Star Wars. I like JJ, but it feels like his style wouldn't translate well to Star Wars. I want something that has the feel of the original trilogy, not sure he would do it. Although, Super 8 felt like the 80's movies I liked of kids going on adventures, he was able to pull a little nostalgia while updating that genre, more dramatic and a little darker. Thoughts?

It's ok to have feelings about it.

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Frankly, I can't say as I cared much for Abrams' take on Star Trek.  WAY too much space opera and no real science-fiction, from where I sit.

That being the case, it may be that he is better suited to Star Wars, as it is purely space opera.  My concern would be more who is WRITING it and whether Abrams has script approval.  About the only truly good thing about this whole business is that Lucas is OUT of the mix!

To be honest Lucas was a great director and producer, he just needed to get new writers for the prequel trilogy. The thing is that he had way too much control with the prequels, and needed to take a step back and let other people work more on it. One of the main reasons why the original trilogy was so good is that Carrie Fisher went over the scripts and cleaned it up.

Agreed that the new Star Trek was a bit too much of a space opera, but Space Opera kinda works with Kirk.

Lucas is a good writer, producer, and director.  He just can't be allowed to do two of the three, for one movie.  He needs someone to pull him aside and say, "No, George.  Don't do that.  Just ... no."

That can happen, when someone becomes too famous, and you can't find enough people who will contradict him.  George with no quality control is a scary thing.

It's good to have some new "blood" (other than Lucas) in the creative process.


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