Consumer Physics is trying to Kickstart a new high-tech device that will scan your food, plants, and medicine and tell you about every chemical in them! Tara explains how it works, and how you can get one.

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This sounds amazing, a hand held spectrometer. She didn't say how long you have to wait for the results to be sent to you, or what each analysis costs. But this sounds as if it would be perfect to detect counterfeit medications or supplements. My previous experience with kickstarter projects, leads me to wait until it's available commercially.

So, they finally made a tricorder.

I wish it would tell you what allergens are in the food, but I'm sure it's not sensitive to trace amounts.

Here's the Kickstarter page if you'd rather read than watch video:

My question about the crowdsourced database they talk about: how would they guard against counterfeit drugs being entered as genuine?




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