Amazon owns my Echo; I’m just feeding it

I found this personal story more disturbing than humorous. It's a dystopian sci-fi story that's -- aaagh! -- true.

Voice assistants are an opportunity for companies like Amazon, Google, and Apple to literally place a corporate representative inside your home. 

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At least the things generally have better security than network-capable devices like smart-TV's, fridges, toasters, coffee-makers, light-bulbs, etc ... no, I'm not joking about the light-bulbs.  Those sorts of devices are often the sorts of things hijacked for DDoS attacks, and they can provide an access point for entry into your real computers.

Of course serious hackers don't generally care as much about accessing your real computers.  They're perfectly happy using you for DDoS.  The serious hacks of real computers are generally against corporate targets.




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