... presented by, surprise, Google!

I just saw this article, about the course that starts today, and which you can participate in at your own pace through the end of this month.

Google Wants to Teach You to be a 'Power Searcher' (You Should Let ...

The course promises to teach users "tips, tricks and tactics" that'll help you "find exactly what you’re looking for, when you most need it."
college students are overly reliant on simple searches [....] Those of us who aren't students anymore [...] are also guilty of sticking to basic searches, mostly because we don't know how to do anything else.
no matter what your current searching ability may be—from those of us who have no idea you can use the search box as a calculator to folks who are already masters of Boolean logic—through the six 50-minute lessons of the class, you'll learn how to use the search function to "solve everyday problems" and help you "find what you need faster." After taking the class, says Ednacot, you'll even be able to do cool stuff like "identify the location of a picture your friend took during his vacation" or find "that green-covered book about gardening that you've been trying to track down for years." And, instead of a boring series of slides, Ednacot says the class will be interactive—style-wise it'll take a page from MIT and Harvard's new joint online learning platform edX. You can work through the individual classes at your own pace, as long as you complete them before the end of July.

I've been looking at the first lesson, available today. It's actually six short videos with interleaved activities. If you don't like watching lectures-on-video, it looks like it's possible to avoid most or all of them, as the activities so far summarize the important points at the top.

The course does require a Google account. (You can open one pseudonymously if you like.)

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I should have posted the direct course URL: http://www.powersearchingwithgoogle.com/

I have a google account - I will look into it!


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