Fake VPN services are popping up after GOP Congress kills privacy r...

Last week, Congress voted to kill FCC regulations that would have prevented ISPs from selling your personal browser history ... This week, President Trump signed that bill into law. Interest in VPNs has skyrocketed as a result, but at least a few scam companies are trying to take advantage of the trend.

 If your friends and family are considering a VPN, or if you want to test one yourself, make certain you are dealing with a reputable company with some proven time in the business. We’ve written our own guide to VPN services and I’ve personally had good luck with GoldenFrog’s VyprVPN as well. Be on the lookout for deals that seem too good to be true, advertise free or very low-cost rates (some of these have proven to be scams as well), or that claim to be affiliated with companies that haven’t previously had a VPN product. I have no doubt we’ll see more companies launching VPN services, but look for areas of overlap with existing products that company already offers.

Finally, be aware of some of the limitations of using VPN services. Netflix may or may not work, web surfing in general may be slower, torrents may not function properly, and on some services, performance during peak access time can slow to a crawl. A good VPN provider should have measures in place to address these shortcomings, but proper research is essential.

Good luck finding a safe VPN

It can be overwhelming. It's not as simple as using whatever VPN the security cool kids say is "the one," because even popular services have been behaving badly. For example, popular service Hola VPN recently got caught selling user traffic to a botnet.

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From ExtremeTech, by Ziff-Davis who also publish PC Magazine:

Protect your online privacy with the 5 best VPNs

The Engadget article you linked to, "Good luck finding a safe VPN", suggests That One Privacy Site'sDetailed VPN Comparison Chart (with notes on policies of the jurisdictions where they're hosted), as well as TorrentFreak's "Which VPN Services Take Your Anonymity Seriously?" (now updated for 2017).


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