New Software Reveals “Hidden Information” In Video Footage

Selective filtering makes invisible information, such as pulse, apparent in videos. Subtle movement can be detected as well as subtle color changes. Doesn't this sound like the heads up display of Kiera Cameron in Continuum.

The process, called Eulerian Video Magnification, extracts the “hidden information” in video footage by dividing the image up spatially, tracking the frequency at which the color in those smaller regions change, then amplifying changes that occur only at certain frequencies. By amplifying signals that change, say, between 50 and 70 times per minute – a probable range for heart rates – they can actually see blood flow across a person’s face and thus measure his or her pulse rate.

“Just like optics has enabled [someone] to see things normally too small,” Fredo Durand, MIT computer scientist and coauthor of the study, told MIT Tech Review, “computation can enable people to see things not visible to the naked eye.”

Users can choose which frequencies to monitor and they can monitor those changes in realtime. Check out this video and watch as the software reveals things you didn’t even know you were seeing.

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