Monday morning, and the news is smashing! Revolutionary titanium dioxide nanofiber membranes, biomimetic chemical reduction with a transition metal catalyst, and making capillary tube tips 11 nanometers wide using a scanning electron microscope. Is this a great time to be alive, or what!

Multi-Purpose Wonder Can Generate Hydrogen, Produce Clean Water and...

Prof Sun's multi-use titanium dioxide can:

  1. concurrently produce both hydrogen and clean water when exposed to sunlight
  2. be made into a low-cost flexible filtration membrane that is anti-fouling
  3. desalinate water as a high flux forward osmosis membrane
  4. recover energy from waste desalination brine and wastewater
  5. be made into a low-cost flexible solar cell to generate electricity
  6. doubles battery life when used as anode in lithium ion battery
  7. kill harmful microbial, leading to new antibacterial bandages

Catalyst in a Teacup: New Approach to Chemical Reduction

Glass-Blowers at a Nano Scale

These days the good news always seems to come from technology and research, while  economics, politics, and ecology generate bad news.

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Wow - thanks so much for the technology news. It is exciting to see the advances.




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