So a few weeks ago I did a list of my favorite one-word punchlines, and the good-hearted members of the Cracked community seemed to enjoy it. We all had fun in the comments reflecting on the great times we've had laughing at single-word jokes, and I think we all learned something.

Specifically, that "Danger Zone," while hilarious, is two words.

In any event, one of my friends challenged me to come up with a list of no-word punchlines and even offered the very top entry on this list. That got me thinking. How exactly do you define a "no-word punchline"? I mean, all silent film comedies and slapstick and sight gags are wordless. How exactly should I frame the list? After much debate, I was no closer to the answer. (Mostly because no one is lame enough to discuss such things with me, so my debate consisted mostly of me shouting "How!" in my closet until the downstairs neighbor banged on the ceiling with a broom.) But then I got it:

The punchline not only must not contain any words, but should be a response. A wordless, comedic response. But "5 Wordless Comedic Responses" is a crappy title, so here's "The 5 Best No-Word Punchlines in Comedy."

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Jeez! I know I have no funny bone; five out of five clips do not reveal any humor to me. 




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