Some of the cleanest cars you can buy today are powered by electricity, though the emissions of an electric vehicle (EV) varies depending on where it is plugged in. Even though parts of the U.S. still partially rely on coal fired power, the average EV sold in the U.S. produces the emissions equivalent of a gas vehicle that gets 73 MPG, and over 70 percent of Americans live in an area where driving an EV re.... Check out how electric vehicles (EVs) fare in your neck of the woods with this interactive tool that will calculate an EV’s emissions via zip code.

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Living on Social Security, how long would it take for someone to be able to buy one? 

How much fossil fuel does it take to generate the electric charge? 

Men or women working for stagnant wages, how long for them to be able to afford such a vehicle? 

Wage workers, some retired folk simply have no hope of ever getting into ownership of electric cars. 

Yeah, I will never be able to afford one. That's my wife's beef with science. Out of all of these great things being invented, not many are affordable by poor people. RBE would fix that.

I vaguely remember some SF story where people (human and not) inhabited much of the galaxy, and Earth was one of the very few civilizations that had not yet evolved beyond a money economy.





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