The following companies just betrayed billions of people

These companies are lobbying for "hugely unpopular surveillance legislation that's been lambasted by privacy groups and security experts."

Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, Symantec, and a handful of other tech companies just began publicly lobbying Congress to pass Cyber Threat Information Sharing legislation, like CISA, a bill that would give corporations total legal immunity when they share private user data with the government and with each other.

In exchange, companies are given blanket immunity from civil and criminal laws, like fraud, money laundering, or illegal wiretapping (if a violation was committed or exposed in the process of sharing data).

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Okay, UNCLE!!!!  I've had enough!!  I've always supported big business because it was shareholders and rertirement programs who were profiting along with the big wheels, but this is just over the top. As soon as we replace all the senators and representatives, we can start undoing all this crap that we've seen lately. 


A. I thought you liked surveillance.

B. >replace all the senators and representatives - excellent idea, but easier said than done.

It depends on the type, or reason, for the surveillance.  For national security, (the way they've been doing it) I agree we need it.  But for commercial reasons - NO!!

I'm reading a fairly frightening book titled Future Crimes by Marc Goodman. His point is that once you get on the Internet any semblance of privacy or security is completely relinquished. The upshot is more or less that it's already way too late to worry about the point of Ruth's posting here.

If it wasn't abundantly clear previously, you are not Google's customer; you are its product. That's why you don't get a bill. That's why there's no 800 number for technical support. Those items are reserved for its real customers: the advertisers who are purchasing all the data you litter along Google's information superhighway. You are the thing Google sells to other people; that's the deal it never quite made truly clear to you . . .

Good Point, Bertold !!




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