Upcoming Science Fiction and Fantasy Movies That Aren’t Remakes, Sequels or Prequels

Upcoming Science Fiction and Fantasy Movies That Aren’t Remakes, Sequels or Prequels

Charlie Jane Anders

They're rebooting Spider-Man. They're remaking Total Recall. Sometimes, when you're in the middle of summer movie craziness, it can seem like every movie is based on an already-existing movie. But that's not really true — there are actually tons of genre movies in development that are new concepts, at least as far as the movies go. Some of them have already finished filming, while others will never get made.

Is any of them the next Inception or District 9? We'll find out when you do. But here's our round-up of 50-odd science fiction and fantasy movies in the pipeline that aren't sequels, reboots, remakes or prequels of existing films. Thanks to reader Adam J. O'Donnell, who asked us on Twitter for a list of this sort.

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Thank you Joseph for your reply. More women characters sounds great! Good idea. As for Starship Troopers I liked the original so I guess I won't like the remake. They had to go and ruin it for us.

Huh?  You liked the original movie, or do you mean the book?  Have you read the book?

They are coming out with another Starship Troopers movie.



They're going to keep coming out with another Everything Movie for a little while. Studios don't seem interested unless there is already a built in audience. It can be tedious, but I'm trying to enjoy it while it lasts, and look forward to the inevitable artistic backlash.

I expect even less of it than we got from the first one.  The book was a thematic whole, not lending itself well to sequels.  I haven't seen the first two sequels, but I've come to understand that they're pretty mindless action movies, not really worthy of the label science-fiction.

If they don't go back and redo it completely, modeling it more after the book and including the actual themes from the book that the series mugged, I'm not really interested.



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